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The third edition of the Dutch Beer Week takes place from 15 until 25 may 2014. Last years Week from 23 may 2013 – 2 june 2013 had a significant growth comparing to the first edition and proved to be a great succes. De Dutch Beer Week opening event was het Dutch Special beer festival in The Hague and the closing event were the National Brewery days. During the Week there were numerous events throughout the whole country for promoting the beers of our (craft)breweries. The public visited in many ways the events held from brewing competitions to a symposium  ’Awareness of Beer’, and many beer-walking-tours, tastings and also local beer festivals and some beer gastronomy and cuisine. Because of the further growth of the event and the great interest for Dutch (craft) beer, the week gets a new edition in 2014.

The Week had in 2013 more activities, visitors and breweries then the year before. The Dutch Beer festival in The Hague had as opening event more then 3200 visitors and 34 attending breweries. Despite the cold and rainy weather was that very successful. Also the beer tastings with the regional beers and regional foods ware very crowded. During the Dutch Brewery Days more then 70 breweries opened their doors for visitors. Thousands of people did visit one of these brewers and learned about the brewing proces and how things are working in a brewery.

Henri Reuchlin, chairman of the Dutch Beer Week: “In all aspects the second edition was very successful. There were more activities then last year and there were numerous visitors. The public interest in the craftsmanship of the brewers and the use of  natural ingredients is high. We also see a growth in participating parties. They organize their activities with great enthusiasm and these activities are of high quality. That is what we like. We have much faith in next years edition and we want to organize again a great Week with more controversial activities”.

The third Dutch Beer Week will be held from may 15th till may 25th 2014. The Week begins again with the Dutch Special Beer Festival in The Hague and again will end with the Dutch Brewery Days.

Foundation  The Dutch Beer Week

The Dutch Beer Week is an initiative of the Foundation of the Dutch Beer Week in which the whole beer sector is united. In the foundation are representatives of: The Dutch Brewers, Small Dutch Brewers Collective (KBC), Alliance of Beer Pubs (ABT), PINT, MITRA Liquor store, the not bound independent breweries, Beer & Co, BeerOffice and Birdy Publishing/Beer!Magazine. For more information about the Foundation of the Dutch Beer Week see also

This year there is also an app developed, Week NL Bier. This app is only for iPhone, Ipad and IPod. You can download it from the I-tunes App Store or from here:

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